Time goes by so quickly

I am here looking at my children. They sleep. I am up trying to find work to satisfy their needs. One look at them and I know that my long nights are worth it. I would not trade motherhood for anything. I would not give my children any less than I do now for my own sake. I love them. I love them dearly.

Justin just turned six last week. He is acting differently…(smile). He is such a big boy now. My son is all of six and has been through so much more than a boy his age should ever have to go through. I admire him for his strength. That smile that he wears daily helps me get through the roughest days. I thank God for his joyful spirit.

Zoey. She is approaching the ‘terrible two’ stage. In a few weeks, she will be fully ‘terrible’ lol. I am praying for added strength to handle her demands and facilitate her growth as best as I can. I does take much but so far I think I’m doing a good job. Thank God!

Zoey is my little helper. She lets me know when Justin is crying and runs to help him when she thinks that he needs it. I admire how smart she is when it comes to him and his disability. She is really so smart overall. She motivates him and learns quickly, following my cue, just how to handle him. Zoey! I could not imagine life without her. All of two in a few weeks….where did time really go – so quickly?

God bless us three. Amen

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About Cameile P. Graham

Cameile is a teacher by profession. She holds a Diploma in Teaching from the Bethlehem Moravian College (Credit) and a Bachelor of Science degree (Summa cum laude) from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater (UW-W) with a minor in Philosophy Education. She has been a teacher for over 14 years serving at the Primary, Secondary and Post-secondary levels in education. Her experience has seen her supervising teams of excellence at the various levels. Developing and fostering team communication skills is her specialty. Cameile has received several awards for educational success from distinctions in professionalism, use of technology, methodology to the Rhona Anglin award for teaching practicum,BMC . The Dean's letter for academic term success,UW-W , added to the list of her accomplishments. Her greatest accomplishment is her children, Justin and Zoey. She is a single mom to both.
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